Our Story

F. Mendes Engineering Consulting is a group of individuals; progressive in thought and thinking yet grounded by teachings from our mentors who have paved the way. 

Based in Swakopmund, Namibia F. Mendes Engineering Consulting presents itself as a modern company with eyes set on driving change, inspiring originality, and stimulating growth. We promise alignment between strategy and financial goals, delivering value-driven solutions to our customers.

Our portfolio comprises an array of multidisciplinary services, offering planning, engineering drawings, consulting, site supervision, and project management. Our team encompass qualifications in the fields of  oil&gas, real estate, renewable energy, road and rail infrastructure,  energy assessment, ATEX Classification of hazardous areas, telecommunications, and water and sewage infrastructure. 

By creating smart partnerships, our objective is to co-create rather than displace. Together we can strengthen capacities, enhance the communities in which we operate while building a sustainable future for all.