Energy Assessments

What Is An Energy Assessment? 

It is a deep dive into a site’s energy consumption and provides recommendations on how energy usage can be reduced or improved.

An assessment can advise how much energy you use for production, or for the water you pump and could reveal effective strategies to reduce your energy usage and costs.

Why do an Energy Assessment?

To determine where, when, and how energy is used in a facility, and to identify opportunities to improve efficiency.

The main outcome is a list of recommended energy efficiency measures ( EEMs ), their associated energy savings potential, and an assessment of whether EEM installation cost are a good financial investment.


Will Provide you 

Level 1

The key focus for the Level 1 assessment is on energy efficiency measures with a payback of less than two years

Level 2

A comprehensive review of energy savings opportunities below four year payback plus investigation of strategic savings opportunities for longer payback. Energy efficiency opportunities will be detailed and specific to your site and savings calculations will be closely linked to the analysis of site energy use and operation.

Level 3

This is another quality control check to ensure the proposed project fits the physical requirements of the facility. This level of detail can provide higher quality, more accurate data, which is valuable for major energy projects that can be capital-intensive.