Let's Help Jessica!

When we met Jessica she was is 22 years old and taking care of 17 children aged between 1 and 6 years.

Jessica was persuing her degree in Public Management and unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2022, she had to give up due to financial constraints. She embraced this beautiful calling and created a daycare center, to generate an income for herself. With the what she had, she did what she could to help the community in which she lives.

We had the opportunity to speak with Jessica on the 24th of January 2022 and we started to build a new future not only for Jessica but also for the 17 children in her care.

Jessica told us about her idea and how she would like to improve the daycare with two bathrooms, for boys and girls, a playground for them to enjoy as well as a space to have lunch and dinner. Bigger and more comfortable space to be able to help even more kids.

She would also like to help those parents who have to work late shift, by providing a safe and caring environment for their children, but currently, there is no electricity.

Jessica took everything she had (288 euros) and built what we see in the photos.

Without little financial literacy, she lives with only 57 euros a month, which was what she was earning from this investment.

With debts to pay and limited resources, Jessica felt hopeless with the path ahead to reach her goals.

We decided to intervene.

We created a plan to subsidize, through private funds and institutions the construction of a decent space where children can learn and play, have access to toilets, a small kitchen, and a covered outdoor park, with lights provided by solar panels.

We have already started reaching out to suppliers and working on a budget for this beautiful project. We count on your support wether it be in kind or monetary.

We will update any developments through our website.