Namibia's Renewable Energy Vision.

Namibia, the land of vast deserts and beautiful landscapes, is also a country with tremendous potential in the energy sector. As the world moves towards renewable energy sources, Namibia has a unique opportunity to lead the charge and become a key player in the industry.. Read More

Taking a Step Towards Energy Efficiency.

Before we can improve, we need to understand. An energy audit is a comprehensive assessment of an organization's energy usage. By examining various aspects, such as infrastructure, equipment, and processes, we can identify areas of energy waste and inefficiency..Read More

What is the meaning of ATEX ?

ATEX stands for "Atmospheres Explosibles" in French, and it is the European Union's directive for regulating equipment used in potentially explosive environments.. Read More

The most precious asset in an Engineering Consulting Company are the people

Our team is the mirror of our work and results, a happy team means a successful customer.. Read More

Can an education revolution lead to an Industrial revolution?

We need an educational revolution that teaches our young generation and future leaders that an industrial revolution without the necessary tools will not solve the problems we face today and will not bring stability, job creation, or equity to the future of our society. Read More

Namibia and its unlimited potential

Much has been said in Namibia mainly for two large and important areas, Oil & Gas new discoveries and the production and export of green hydrogen. Read More

What can go wrong in a project?

A project starts with choosing the right partners to collaborate with, as the first step to the realization of a dream. Read More

Vocational Centers

Teaching how to sew, cook, or even carpentry work, will not help our population at all; just look at the unemployment rate or the number of artisans we have on the street selling the same thing day after day, year after year. Read More

Suddenly the desert is precious

The word green does not mean zero pollution and the words oil, crude, or brent do not mean pollution, poverty, or development; are just words.. Read More

The future of the economy in Namibia.

We all know that we are in the age of green energy, but do we have to ignore other energy sources?. Read More