From Our Notebook

Can an education revolution lead to an Industrial revolution?

In my opinion, yes.

Looking back at our history, we can find this information:

-One of the main causes of the Industrial Revolution came about through the development of the steam engine, which works by taking advantage of water vapor that is heated by coal and which, in this way, is capable of generating and producing energy and then transforming it into a force capable of moving machines.

- England was the forerunner of the Industrial Revolution and that made the country become a great world power.

-The Industrial Revolution ended in 1914. This manufacturing boom started as early as 1750. Based on theory, the revolution ended due to new technology and jobs that were considered 'blue collar' or office related.

-It was an extremely important event for humanity, as it changed the production process, that is, products were no longer manufactured and began to be billed machines, allowing mass production, thus allowing to place more and more products on the market and the much more attractive prices.

We watch every day, even without realizing it, the emergence of new products and techniques that make the industry accelerate faster than one day we can dream.

Let's stop for a few moments and look at the world as if we were on a space station.

We have rich countries that are poor at the same time, but we also have poor countries that are rich at the same time.

Countries where wealth was not produced but found in the ground, like many African countries, led an almost total slowdown in their educational systems, by consequence has made these countries dependent on countries that have bet on the educational revolution, creating sustainable economies and training technicians capable of continuing to guide their country in an industrial revolution with the added value of now being able to command the industries in other countries.

We need an educational revolution that teaches our young generation and future leaders that an industrial revolution without the necessary tools will not solve the problems we face today and will not bring stability, job creation, or equity to the future of our society.

We should not skip learning stages, a house does not start with a roof, and when we are born we do not start walking but crawling.

In order to be able to create a better society or a better world, we have to stop using platitudes or expressions heard in interviews by the so-called leaders of the modern world and we must look inward, at the society in which we are inserted and how we can help to improve it.

Knowledge should not be a weapon used to control populations, but an instrument of development