From Our Notebook

Shell hits oil and gas in Namibian offshore.

We all know that we are in the age of green energy, but do we have to ignore other energy sources?

In my professional opinion, the answer is no.

True development is based on a balance between education, health, and the economy.

The history of civilization has taught us that we can evolve together and sustainably when we use the right tools.

Today, Namibia can be present the first day of a new milestone in the history of this fantastic country. There is the possibility of building something never before possible, supported by two gigantic economies, green energies, and fossil energies.

The first idea that occurs to me is:

- Let's use one to develop the other.

Using the technology available today, together with the right people, I'm sure we can find a fantastic balance point between two paths as different as the one we find ourselves in today.

A sustainable plan with the respective well-designed strategies always leads to a victory, not only economic but also social.

Congratulations Namibia and let's believe that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries(Opec) will have a new name on the list.