From Our Notebook

Africa is a Continent with a huge potential for economic and financial growth for the next 10 years.

Much has been said in Namibia mainly for two large and important areas, Oil & Gas new discoveries and the production and export of green hydrogen.

The potential of this fantastic country is not only in these areas, there are others as good or better to invest in.

I begin, for example, by pointing to the creation of technical schools or vocational centers with well-defined strategies for new technologies and industries that are about to be implemented in the country. If we are going to have the infrastructure, we must train technicians now.

Real estate; the real estate area has been growing but it can grow much more. Just imagine, if, for example, it were possible to build a model house, where we could choose the types of materials or better, where we could use recycled materials. We would

1. Reduce construction times

2. Construction costs and

3. Increasing the number of houses.

Consequently, decrease the number of people who are waiting for a house. Simple things can be done to make it a reality. For example, by a reassessment of the materials used and the legal systems, reformation not only in construction but mainly in bank loan applications.

Wastewater collection and treatment systems, there are technically fantastic options on the market with proven results of over 90% efficiency that should be already being implemented.

All countries that want to grow sustainable and balanced should review tax rates and benefits to attract investors. The industry must be created with the vision for export and domestic consumption, for example, food products must be sufficient for domestic consumption and then exported.

Peripheral vision is important. Creating opportunities first involves providing our population with the tools necessary to understand finance and how to invest their money.

We like to help our investors make good use of their investments and bring social and economic prosperity.

A balanced society in terms of education, health, and industry can take a country to places never before imagined.

With more than 17 years of experience, our team believes that it is the ideal partner to help develop any type of project, from the pre-study stage to commissioning.

We want to help raise the quality bar and we strive for tailor-made projects for each client and investment.

Together we go higher.