From Our Notebook

The most precious asset in an Engineering Consulting Company are the people.

Our team is the mirror of our work and results, a happy team means a successful customer.

How many of us, never experienced, when things start to go wrong at work the results start to go down?

I'm sure, that all of us have had this experience at least once.

There are dozens of reasons for this feeling but the vast majority are problems with co-workers or our boss.

Professional appreciation is something that is becoming extinct but needs to be resuscitated and introduced immediately to our society.

We are just humans and as humans, it’s impossible to disconnect from problems when we enter our workplace.

Being the boss, should not mean we must be insensitive to what or who surrounds us, on the contrary, support, help, and preferably raise it even higher it’s our responsibility.

At F. Mendes Engineering Consulting, our collaborators are the success of our company and as a reward, we have satisfied customers.

Many of the customers that come to me, bring with them the same experience; nobody informed them of the consequences of the decisions taken or did not show them the problem before it happened.

We don't do that.

We want to listen to you, we want to understand your vision, we do our homework, we advise and say “ That is not gonna work” when it has to be, but always, always with a justification and proposal for improvement.

With a professional and capable team, we can take you further and help you throughout your journey.

At FMEC we believe that we can make a difference in your projects.