From Our Notebook

The answer is simple; everything.

A project starts with choosing the right partners to collaborate with, as the first step to the realization of a dream.

Nobody likes to have "nightmares" and if we could choose, we would all have dreams full of joy and feelings of happiness. This all begins with connecting with the right partners

Here are 5 tips when choosing a project management team for your project:

1- Choose an experienced partner. Teams who have been around the block a few times, will be able to anticipate and mitigate any challenges. This will avoid numerous mistakes such as mismanagement of resources, risks on project outcome, delays and most importantly additional cost implications.

2- Look out for a partner who understands you and your needs who shares your vision. Who at the same time can guide you along the right path with effective communication. This is synonymous with success.

3- Trust your gut feeling. If someone tells you that you need less time for your project without justifying it and without you understanding, follow your instinct. There is a 90% probability it comes with additional costs and delays in the project.

4- Trust the process. Preliminary studies may seem like just a coffee meeting, but that’s where the general outlines are initiated and we begin to build the foundation base for the success of your project. It is not lost time and the so-called homework is recovered during the execution.

5- Avoid mixing business with pleasure. Your childhood friend is not always the best partner for your business. Situations may arise, which could involve some tough decisions. Friends may not always have the courage to be straightforward in difficult situations and vice versa. By the time it’s tabled, it may be too late.

There are many more tips I want to share, but those are for the next few chapters.

We believe we have the tools and experience to be your successful partner.

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