From Our Notebook

Vocational Centers should be much more than just establishments that teach the same, year after year.

Teaching how to sew, cook, or even carpentry work, will not help our population at all; just look at the unemployment rate or the number of artisans we have on the street selling the same thing day after day, year after year.

Vocational Centers have to modernize, starting with the help they provide our population.

We don't have to give them a fish, we have to teach them how to fish and everything starts by teaching them how to analyze the market in which they will be involved.

Look for the problems and find the solution and your business will prosper like you never imagined.

Visions, concepts, and new ways of approaching must be inserted into new teaching and learning techniques.

Teaching how to cook, for example, is much more than just serving a hot dish.

Start by analyzing what type of food people are looking for the most, what type of dish is most profitable for you in terms of production, etc… We call this market analysis.

All businesses that thrive are not because they are original ideas, but because they have done their homework and have what we call a realistic and attainable Business Plan.

Let's help our society to rise to another level and overcome the "We can't do it" stigma.