From Our Notebook

We have entered, the era when Green energy declares war on fossil energies.

The word green does not mean zero pollution and the words oil, crude, or brent do not mean pollution, poverty, or development; are just words.

Imagine for example fruit, we have green fruit that we cannot eat because it is not ripe or succulent, we have dark fruit that is fantastic to be picked from the tree and ready to be savored.

I can give two examples of refineries with whom I had the pleasure of collaborating; Petrogal Sines and Porto refinery in Portugal.

The sustained development of these two cities supported by the refinery was fantastic, Sines and Porto are considered one of the best and largest dry ports in Europe and the cities one of the best places to live, with an above-average quality of life and air.

It is up to us, members of modern society, to choose and decide which strategies are best to adopt.

Sines and southern Portugal are currently investing heavily in renewable energies too.

Like in society, we just need to find a way to live together and developed our country.